lauantai 26. heinäkuuta 2014

The earth is very gentle in Puumala

When you go to visit family Matikainen - that are our summerneighbourgs - you are not only greeted by two tibetian mastifs but also a friendly family. Coffee is always served with freshly baked pastry. Our summercottage is on a sandy bank - their place only two kilometers, away is the a opposite.....a fruitful bay with flowers and fruits. To this family also Sanski belongs. She is making lovely knitted products. She is spinning mohair from her own goats but also yarn from dogwool. My favourite is the italian merinowool, dyed with naturecolours - mostly from the area. the yarns and products will be available at Siltatanssit/markkinat in Siuntio 16.8 klo 17 -21. Pickalan Vanha Silta.

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