torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2015

Mohairgoats give highquality yarns in Puumala!

When I started this blog my sincere idea was to write about art, artists, all the countries and cultures I have seen, about food and about people I have met - everything that give colours to my days...
Now, one and a half years later , I realize that even if i travelled far and to unknown destinations during autamns, winters and springs my summers in Finland at lake Saimaa have become so important to me that my blog is about them - mostly. And about plants and the colours they give to yarn

I have not been a knitter... - but I became one when I met Sanski my neighbourg in Puumala. She is a talented artisan who does a lot of things but in the summer she also dyes yarns at the lake.

Two years ago two mohairgoats ended up to live with Sanski and her tibetian mastifs. She started to dream about a mohairgoatfarm!
Today she has already 5 goats - Helmi and Sulo where born about 6 weeks ago.

From the older goats Sanski really gets a good amount of mohair that she spins by hand. The result is a very, very exclusive yarn. Sanskis latest invention is to make luxury boucle. It is so extremly beautiful and I hope that it will find its way to the hands of topdesigners and knitters who understands its value. Thank you Sanski for a sunny summerday at the clear waters of Saimaa! It was again an amazing experience to see how plants and muschrooms and natural indigo gave colours to your yarns and my days!

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