sunnuntai 1. kesäkuuta 2014

Young birchleaves give the most lovely soft green tone to the italian fine merinowool.

A birchforest in the beginning of the summer is something of the most " Nordic" you can have. The birches light green colour stays just for a few weeks before they get a darker and a more deep tone in July.

I was dying yarns with Sanski at lake Saimaa some days ago. She was using birchleaves for dying among others. Sanski is working in a very ecological way : she uses leaves from treas that have been taken down for some other reason.

The liquide that was made by heating the leaves in water on open fire turned very dark. But the yarn...! - turned out to be a very nice green colour.

Mittens and wristwarmers below are made of the yarn. Applications from Kuwait - Textilesouk. For more information about this email:

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