torstai 20. helmikuuta 2014

Art is my life...

Art makes me so happy.  The language of art is silent but touches strongly......Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting two of my artist friends in Helsinki. The purpose of the meeting was to plan an upcoming POP - UP event.

Happy me.

We met in a place called Kippo. Kippo is finnish and the word means bowl or bucket......Kippo is a modern smothie - bar. A plain and inspiring place. It probably gave me the the idea of the name for the coming exhibition as well : " Kippoja & muuta"  = "Bowls & other things".

Sirpa is my friend since many years and until now I have exhibited her works two times. I am very fond of her ceramics. She also paints.


I met Tiina for the first time a year ago. I like the gentle person  a lot and last autamn I was invited to her home. I totally fell in love with her plain ceramics thin as eggshell.....Her paintings are just symphatic! We agreed on a POP -UP show and this will be our second.

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