keskiviikko 8. tammikuuta 2014

My multitalented friend Bodil

Bodil is my friend for around 25 years now......I know her as a successful enginer working in the IT. She is also very sporty and loves the extreme.....We have been travelling together as far as you can get from Finland and sailed together in storms and sunshine.

She surprised me a couple of years ago by telling me that she was knitting. Really surprised me because I could not imagine her sitting on one place that long.....Or maybe she is one of those who knits while she is jogging - I newer asked.

Anyway, she is making wonderful things and she is very good at knitting also. Now we are sharing also this journey - journey of colours.

This is her first work that she made of italian merinowool dyed by Sanski.

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  1. I am so honoured. Thanks for your lovely words. I must say you are pretty talented yourself with your art, bringing that also into the kntting. The little extra from the souks in Kuwait is just adorbale. Its art! Margareta, love you, B