maanantai 21. lokakuuta 2013

Journey of Colours

This is my blog about art, knits and more. It is a blog about creavity and colours. This blog will be written mainly in English but depending on the subject all the languages that I have been/am using in my daily life can be used: Swedish, Finnish and Dutch.

Yarns dyed by colours from the nature

The luxury of the finnish lake district - lake Saimaa region has become very important for me.  Luxury in the sense of quietness, very clean waters and unspoiled nature. My soul is resting at those shores....

Last summer I had the pleasure to meet Sanski a talented artisan who now is my summerneighbourg. She lives with her two dogs and two mohairgoats and is spinning wonderful yarns. She is importing very high quality Italian yarns and dyes them with naturecolors from plants and muschrooms from the shores of Saimaa.

I have totally fallen in love with the yarns. The colours are unique and you can get just a few of each colour.  And it makes me knitting.....And my friends are knitting.......

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