perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2015

Mohairgoat Lassi and the luxury yarn that comes from him!

May I introduce Lassi to you. He is a young mohairgoat living in Puumala with Sanski, her 3 other mohairgoats and her 2 dogs.

I have been creating mostly scarves and mittens for about one and a half year now - from italian merinowool. Wool dyed by naturecolours.

And surprisingly - I have been able to inspire a huge amount of knitters.

Last week Sanski sent me something new. Very, very thin and delicate wool from her goat Lassi. I had to try it out many times before the result that I wanted turned out. Now they are ready my first mohairmittens with luxury applications from Kuwaiti textilebazars.

The result is extremly light and warm. I hope that they will find their way to someone who needs warm hands on a festive occasion.

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